MISSED LESSONS ‑ Lessons missed for a reasonable excuse will be made up within the  next two weeks whenever possible. I require 24 hour notice for all missed lessons, but I ask  that if you are ill, please do not come to your lesson, in which case I will find a make‑up time  for you. Lessons missed at the end of June will be made up before then or in the summer.

SICK-LEAVE – In the event that I am ill and unable to make up lessons, I will still charge for the missed lessons, but no more than twice in a school year.

WORKSHOPS ‑ I will schedule workshops for my school‑age students approximately once a month. Every student is expected to come to these gatherings as they are an important part of my program. Adult workshops will take place bi‑monthly. There is nocharge for these events.

TERMINATING ‑ If you wish to discontinue lessons I ask for one month's advance notice.

CONFERENCES ‑ I am always available to discuss students' progress or problems by phone or in person, and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

CALENDAR ‑ This policy covers the period between the day after Labor Day and the last day of June and includes approximately forty lessons. In addition, I often teach in July and August during which time payment is on a per lesson basis.


Karl Goldstein

TUITION ‑ For students taking weekly lessons, payment is on a monthly basis and is due on the first lesson of the month. Monthly fees are as follows:

One hour lesson (or two ½ hour lessons) per week              $300/month

One forty‑five minute lesson per week                                $225/month

One half-hour lesson per week                                             $150/month

Bi‑weekly or irregular lessons                                             $85/hour