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Karl Goldstein

I’ve been teaching piano for over 40 years and have never stopped loving it.  My goal is to impart my love of music and the piano to my students. I strive to give them a sense of accomplishment by teaching them to play not just proficiently, but beautifully. Lessons include sightreading, eartraining, technique, theory, history and composition. Through this comprehensive approach I ensure that lessons are not only enriching but entertaining too.

MY Approach

My approach to keyboard technique has been greatly influenced by the work of Dorothy Taubman, whose ergonomic principles make playing feel effortless. This approach has helped me to solve innumerable technical challenges, both for myself and my students.An essential ingredient of my program for school-age students is monthly workshops where they come together to learn more about music and performing.  They learn about composers, form, style and how to listen to music. We also discuss how to prepare for performance and cope with nervousness. I offer these popular workshops at no extra charge.


I also work with adult students ranging from accomplished amateurs to piano teachers seeking advanced coaching. For those who wish to perform, I offer regular adult workshops.  These gatherings, which take place every 2-3 months, are an opportunity for adult students to gain more experience playing before an audience. A number of my adult students also participate regularly in the Adult Performance Program of the Music Teachers' Association of California.


Some of my students participate in the Certificate of Merit program, sponsored by the Music Teachers Association of California. This program is a good motivator for certain students, giving them concrete goals to strive for and a sense of satisfaction upon completion.